Where are we going?

And why are we riding in a hand basket?

Truly, there is a plan.

Figured out a couple things in php, after taking a class in PERT/CPM, a.k.a. Critical Path Management, and after seeing a dependency graph in a perl book, ah ha, a light bulb moment.

Actually just want to share a bit of linux/unix stuff, a little about web servers, some php coding, touching on operating systems, networking, troubleshooting ... but first ...

The apache web server is still (?) pretty close to, if not the, most popular platform for web sites. There is quite a lot of stuff that goes into running Apache, as there is with any flavour web server. Much more stuff than I should ever even think about wanting to know. There are just way too many other things hawking for attention, to do projects, wants to learn, and so on. But first ...

The unix operating system continues to amaze me. Doesn't take much to keep me entertained, of course. Good shell scripting, a.k.a. duct taping, is fun, at least for this author. A dozen unix system administrators, given the same task, could come up with a dozen different and creative solutions to a computing problem, each one unique, and each one as brilliant as the other in some way.

Exploring unix with a linux desktop can be interesting. Lots of frustration awaits for anyone thinking about taking up that challenge, but any desktop, or server, even an android phone- no matter what the operating system, computers have a habit of tossing a perplexing hitch or three at us.

So sit back, enjoy the posts, toss me a comment or two, any feedback is welcome and appreciated. I have no illusions about being a brilliant developer, nor even just a good one, I'm just a simple dba. But have seen some interesting system problems, on complex, and some not so complex, computer systems. And seen how things can go amazingly well at times, and other times, well, not so much.

And have to toss some kudos to Greg Houston for the format my source code URL. Its Very Nice. And quite Handy as well. Thanks, Greg! Great job putting out a very helpful page. 

This is certainly not the last word, and I'll stop learning the day I start pushing up the daisies. And there are quite a few other things to be done, but first ...